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                        News – Welcome to our family!        


Welcome to our family!


International Competition for family projects
the study and protection of trees in urban environments

Adopt a Tree! - Возьмите дерево в свою семью!
- Tver, Russia -

«We are responsible for those, whom we have tamed»

Antoine de Saint Exupery  


18.06.2013. Welcome to our family! Botanical Garden of Tver State University joined the project "Green Legacy Hiroshima" back in 2012.
"Green Legacy Hiroshima" is an initiative to spread throughout the world of seeds and seedlings of trees that survived the atomic bombing in 1945. This initiative created and supported by the Research Institute of the United Nations (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research - UNITAR) and the NGO AHT-Hiroshima (AHT-Hiroshima), and a group of partners and individuals. Thus, the organizers are hoping to attract the attention of all people in the world who are committed to preserving our planet for future generations free of the nuclear threat, preserving the memory of the victims of all wars. Today Hiroshima - green and bright city, known for its Memorial Museum and Peace Park.
Seeds of Hiroshima amazing trees were collected for our garden in autumn 2012. In the late spring of our friends from Japan sent the parcel with the seeds in Russia. Was a long way from the seeds of Hiroshima in Tver, but now the seeds in their new home in their new home. These seeds are small particles of one great life on Earth. Life, which is still threatened by errors that continues to commit human race. On the tragedy of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the whole world knows. This is a terrible mistake to humanity. This is a huge mountain to Japan. But it's a tough lesson to all inhabitants of the Earth. The tragedy of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima affected all living things - humans, animals, plants and all other living organisms in the affected area. But among all the affected trees are living organisms found in a particular position. People and animals have had a chance to escape and hide, people and animals could leave the affected area after the terrible bombing. The trees were left where they are planted, where they grew up. They could not get away, and could not move. Trees can only survive and survive and it is a miracle happened! And now in Hiroshima grow and bear fruit and seeds of trees that remember the terrible tragedy.
Together we will wait for the first sprouts and will tenderly care for green kids. We hope to create a special garden - "The Garden of open heart, memory, and faith." It was in this garden will be planted with trees Hiroshima. We believe that our guests will feel a deep sense of the Garden of the Garden area, this "Garden of Peace."
We believe that this is a surprisingly emotional and very touching. We are confident that the goals and activities of our International competition «Adopt a Tree!» Miraculously coincide with the meaning of the project "Green Legacy Hiroshima". We invite Japanese trees in the family, the family of our garden, its guests, and all the inhabitants of the city of Tver. We have a common world and we have to love it! To save this world and preserve life on our planet, we can just all together!
Welcome to our family tree Hiroshima expensive! 高価 たち 家族 広島 ようこそ!


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